April 8, 2014

Life and Death

This is another story I wrote for school.

Part 1

Daniel got into his car and headed off to work. He had to stop by the office to get some papers before he went to the airport. He worked for Cunningham as an insurance broker. Cunningham was one of the biggest insurance companies and Daniel was getting called to the main branch for one of the biggest meetings of his career. After he boarded the plane and got settled he went to sleep.
All of a sudden the plain jerked to the left and there was a loud BOOM and Daniel woke up. “Everyone pleases calm down,” Said the flight attendant. “We’re all going to die!” Someone said as the plane started to go down. 29,000 feet to impact. Time started to slow down. 19,000 feet to impact. Daniel saw a field down below. 15,000 feet to impact. Everyone started to panic.
“Are we going to die?” asked the little boy next to Him “I don’t know,” he said. 10,000 feet to impact. “I’m scared,” said the boy. Daniel could see the tears in his eyes as he started to cry. “He looks just like my son Timmy,” thought Daniel. 5,000 feet to impact “I’m never going to see him again.” 4,000 feet to impact. ”What’s your name?” Daniel asked the boy. “Terence,” replied the boy. 3,000 feet to impact. Time was getting slower and slower. 2,000 feet to impact. By this time Daniel had come to terms with the death that awaited him and everyone else on the plane. 1,000 feet to impact. “This is when my life should flash before my eyes right?” he thought. 900 feet to impact. He could see a field down in front of the plane. 800 feet to impact. Daniel could see a man standing in the field. 700 feet to impact. Wait if I die who will take care of Timmy? 600 feet to impact. I can’t die yet! 500 feet to impact. How could that man just stand there? 400 feet to impact. Did he have a gun? 300 feet to impact. No don’t do it! 200 feet to impact. If only I had a second chance. 100 feet to impact. And the world went dark.

Part 2

When Alex got up that morning he did not feel great, in fact he felt horrible. He had just been fired from his job at the Cunningham insurance company, and the one person who he cared about just left him. Alex though, “Who would miss me?” as he got in his car. There next to him on the seat was the gun. He had it all planed out, he was going to park his car at his former office with the note inside, then walk out to the field about a mile away and use the gun.
Alex was walking to the spot when high above him heard a loud BOOM. “Must be a sign” he though. “Nope just a plane” He said as he looked up. “Why am I not disturbed by this?” then he remembered what the gun was for, so he just kept on walking. “It would be so much easier if I was just on that plane” He though, as he got closer to his final destination. “Well here goes nothing” he said, as he raised the gun and the world went dark.

Part 3

Daniel got up with a start gasping for air. He was lying in a field somewhere. After a few minutes he got up and looked around. “Am I dead?” he wondered, Just then out of the corner of his eye he saw some smoke. “Is that that the plane?” he thought. Then he heard someone coming. “Hay, Are you ok?” The man called. When the man got over to Daniel, Daniel asked “Can you hit me?” “What?” said the man, “Hit me hard” Daniel replied as he looked at the smoke coming from the plane. Then without warning the man hit Daniel on the back of the head. After a moment of silence Daniel fell on his knees “YES, I’M STILL ALIVE!” He shouted.